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MCB Flangeless AutoCAD       Meissner Coil

Cryo-coils are used to increase pumping speed by condensing the moisture in a vacuum chamber. Normally cryogenic temperatures are temperatures less than -150°C (-238°F), but any temperature less than -100°C (-156°F) will significantly reduce the pump down time.

The two key factors of cryo-coils are their surface area and temperature. GNB's multi-coolant baffles are often used for this purpose because they can be placed behind a valve, so they can be isolated and regenerated (warmed to let the moisture escape) during processing. Another low-cost, large area solution is a coil place inside the chamber. The coil can be brazed to a thin plate or have fins attached to increase the surface area.

A meissner coil will cut pump down times as much as 75% depending on the process and humidity level. If a meissner coil is exposed to a warm process, then the water can be freed during process. If this is the case the vacuum pumps must be sized to manage this load to maintain the vacuum level.

Cryo-coils should never be placed above turbo pumps or other moisture sensitive equipment because when they are warmed or the chamber is vented to atmoshphere, the moisture will drip.

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