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GNB Employment Opportunities  

With more than 50+ years of experience, GNB is the North American leader in quality and performance of large vacuum valves, vacuum chambers, and vacuum accessories and is increasing its foothold throughout the globe in advance and developing economies.

As a market leader, GNB is proud to be an equal opportunity employer, that attracts and retains highly skilled and talented employees from diverse backgrounds. The GNB team works collaboratively with enthusiasm in sync with the company vision and core values. GNB recruits only exceptional and motivated individuals and empowers each person as innovative and creative thinkers. Employee retention creates the momentum that allows GNB to thrive, which is a large contributing factor in the investment and advancement of GNB employees. GNB executive managers exercise an open door policy and value the insight of its employees.

GNB is dedicated to being the world's premier vacuum valve and chamber manufacturer by recruiting and retaining the most qualified people. We offer a comprehensive employment package including: competitive wages, affordable health care, retirement savings, performance review process, volunteerism, and tuition assistance. In addition, GNB offers internship opportunities.

GNB invites all qualified candidates to apply for employment opportunities. Thank you for your interest in GNB, and we look forward to hearing from you.


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