GNB Corporation Vacuum Multi-Coolant Baffles

Multi-Coolant Baffles
Cryo-baffles and Contamination Traps

Multi-coolant Baffles can be used with a variety of chilled liquids including water, liquid nitrogen and chiller coolants.
3 Baffles: Copper Flange MCB, Copper Ring-style MCB, Stainless Ring Style MCB


  • Removes moisture from system
  • Traps contaminants
  • Body construction: 304 stainless steel
  • Baffle material: Copper, aluminum, or stainless steel
  • Surface: glass bead-blast finish at exterior and interior
  • Opening sizes: 3.0 - 35 Inches and larger per customer request
  • Viton o-rings seals
  • Leak rate: <1.0x10-9 std atm cc/sec with helium, vacuum rating: 1x10-7Torr (1.3x10-7 mbar)
  • Fittings available per customer request

Technical Data

  Flanged Baffles Ring Type (Flangeless)  





Dimensional Data

Lower cost baffles
Dimensional Data

Watch: Flangeless Baffle Installation Method Video
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