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Technical Information: Liquid Nitrogen Traps
Liquid Nitrogen Traps

Features of GNB's Design

  • The five bounce design stops 99% of oil backstreaming.
  • The trap can be pulled for easier cleaning without removing the diffusion pump.
  • Horizontal or Vertical mounting (must specify at time of order).

Standard Liquid Nitrogen Trap Features

  • 304 stainless steel outer housing
  • Bead blast finish
  • 5 bounce copper chevrons
  • Uniform tubing layout design for better cooling
  • Reservoir designed for 12 hours of operation
  • Port for LN level controller
  • Leak checked to <1x10-9 Torr
  • Designed and cleaned for 10-8 Torr operation

Additional Liquid Nitrogen Trap Options

  • Polished inside or outside finish (grained)
  • Electro-polish finish
  • Gauge or roughing ports
  • Liquid nitrogen level sensor
  • ASA or ISO flanges
  • Stainless or ISO flanges

Warning: When using a liquid nitrogen trap, no restriction should ever be placed on the vent tube. Shutting off the vent may result in a dangerous pressure build up.


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